From the Executive


Dear Presidents,

The Executive Committee decided to inform you more regularly by a so called Info Letter about the ongoing work and upcoming news.

We intend to send this Info Letter several times a year whenever we have information we want to share with you.

- Meeting with Philippe Keraudren in Brussels, May 20.

The Executive and some other colleagues met Philippe Keraudren, Deputy Head of Unit, at the DG Research & Innovation of the European Commission in Brussels. His team is selecting the research projects that are financed by the EC. This was a very important meeting as we were informed of the selection process of the projects. We found this exchange of great interest and decided to invite him to our next Council in Luxembourg, November 2013.  

- Executive Meeting in Köln, 14-16 June

We discussed at length the program and the organisation of the coming prospective conferencePsychoanalysis in the year 2025, Berlin, September, 19-21. Other important items were: ageing, the changes of the election modus of the members of the Executive, new EPF policy regarding the pre-conference groups, new group on homosexuality, new group on migration, archives...    


- New Members Seminar (NMS) in Aix-en-Provence, 20-23 June

This year EPF organised its New Member Seminar from the 20 to 23 of June in the hotel Aquabella in Aix en Provence.

Participants from two French Societies (APF and SPP), from both German Societies (DPG and DPV), as well as from Great Britain (British Psa. Ass. and British Psa. Society) and from the Netherlands (NVPA and NPAG), from Norway, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, from Switzerland, Israel and Poland and from the Estonian Latvian Study Group met in the sunny South of France to discuss cases in small groups of six participants.

As supervisors we had Eva Schmid-Gloor from Zurich, Ralf Zwiebel from Frankfurt, Vaclav Mikota from Prague, Antoine Nastasi from Paris, Antonio Perez-Sanchez from Barcelona and Serge Frisch from Luxembourg/Brussels.

The atmosphere of this meeting was great and participants enjoyed thoroughly the precious possibility of meeting colleagues from all over Europe and exchanging their thoughts about the presented clinical material. The confrontation of different theoretical backgrounds created passionate discussions.

Some of the participants formed intervision groups which in the next future will meet regularly in different European cities.

We expect organising the next NMS in Greece, 2014. Please contact Eva Schmid-Gloor for more information.

- The Torino Conference, March 10-14, 2014

Franziska Ylander sent you by mail a few days ago the Argument of the Torino Conference in English, German and French. Ruptures, a challenging theme received excellent critics and roused a lot of interest amongst European analysts.

May we ask you to copy Franziska’s mail to all your members so that they can take their disposals to come to this Conference in the beautiful city of Torino?

- Psychoanalysis in the year 2025 Conference, September 19-21, 2014 in Berlin

The structure and the themes of this prospective conference are now chosen thanks to the excellent work of the scientific committee chaired by Laurence Kahn. We intend being able sending you the final program in September. Please reserve already now the dates as we intend to limit the number of participants to 130.