About this event: 'The Psychoanalytic Core: Encountering and Speaking to the Unconscious'
Celebrating 100 years of The International Journal of Psychoanalysis 1920 – 2019

You are cordially invited to participate in the last major Celebration Centenary Conference which will take place in London on the 20thand 21stof July 2019.

Titled ‘The Psychoanalytic Core: Encountering and Speaking to the Unconscious’the sessions will focus on the foundational features which make up the essence of psychoanalysis and look at our take on them in the early part of the 21stcentury,they will explore what it means to encounter the unconscious.

Some of the most renowned contemporary analysts willjoin us in celebratingThe International Journal of Psychoanalysisand the unique history that it holds.

The London Centenary Conference will take place at the Tower Hotel close to the famous Tower Bridge and St Katharine’s Docks. The London Celebration will also include an extra film event‘Film in Focus:Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Cinema’and a special IJP exhibition at the Freud Museum London‘The Enigma of the Hour:100 Years of Psychoanalytic Thought’. The exhibition aims to present archival material around specific themes which touch on the origins and life of the international journal alongside contemporary artworks.

Conference Sessions & Speakers

Chaired by Ron Britton

The unconsciousness of mental life

Speakers:Patrick Miller, Dana Birksted-Breen

Chaired by Jorge Canestri

Psychical reality and trauma

Speakers:Ignes Sodre, Gerhard Schneider

Chaired by Peter Fonagy

The psychical significance of sexuality

Speakers:Rosine Perelberg, Dominique Scarfone

Chaired by Rudi Vermote

Repetition and the death drive

Speakers:Catherine Chabert, Michael Šebek

Chaired by Antonino Ferro

The Body and its mysteries

Speakers:Catalina Bronstein, Riccardo Lombardi

Chaired by Dana Birksted-Breen

The Psychoanalytic Core: Overview & Reflections

Speakers:David Tuckett.Comments from:Lucy LaFarge, Jorge Canestri, Francis Grier, Beatriz de León de Bernardi, Georg Bruns.In conversation with the audience.


Sunday 21stof July 2019, from 2:30h – Centenary Optional Ticketed Event

Sessions & Speakers

Thinking Cinema: Bion and FilmwithKelli Fuery and Carla Ambrosio Garcia

Chair: Giuseppe Civitarese

Cinema at the Edge: Skin, Screens, and SubjectivitywithMichelle S Stephens and Domenico Di Ceglie

Chair: Sara Flanders (TBC)

Female Human Animal(UK 2018):A Roundtable with Alexis Schreck, Adele Tutter, and Josh Appiganesi in conversation

Chair: Caroline Bainbridge

followed by Drinks Reception

Find out more information about the Centenary Optional Ticketed Event herehttp://www.theijp.org/film/filminfocus/